Max Campbell

Hi I'm Max. I live in San Francisco and I'm currently a freelancer who works on all sorts of complex and intricate projects. I'm passionate about creating great experiences.

My Skills:

Perplexed Cassette

Perplexed Cassette is a game made for A Jam About Time game jam. Perplexed Cassette is a game about time manipulation and collecting things. Perplexed Cassette even has multiple endings.


Blurb is a CMS solution that integrates with Notion for better ease of use within companies.


Prometheus is a self landing rocket that can take off and land itself autonomously like the SpaceX rockets.


Bryght is an NFT marketplace designed for artists who don’t know much about blockchain and just want to get started so it’s built to be very user friendly and as a platform for sales mostly designed to integrate with social media like Instagram and Pintrest.

Unicode version checker

This is a small tool you can use to check what Unicode version your device supports. See it here:

Rage Golf

Rage Golf was a game made in 3 days for Mini Jam 86: SPORTS. Rage Golf is a rage game about golf where if you stop moving you explode.